fall day

two posts in a row and no pictures of the baby?! UNACCEPTABLE! this will be remedied immediately.

IMG_7185ps (800x533)

yesterday, we spent a beautiful fall morning at the arboretum with jami, ann and dylan (and the rest of seattle). the sun was like medicine after days of monsoon-like rains.

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3 Responses to “fall day”

  • Allison Says:

    Oh man, Tilly’s pouty face is the best.

  • christina Says:

    the kc cousins immediately pinned up Tilly’s birth announcement and there have been lots of oohhs and aawws every time someone walks throught the mudroom! good job guys – such a beautiful family!

  • Featherstone Says:

    Oma, I think you need to come to Minnesota and enjoy our fall weather–10 degrees, snow, wind, ice–and still weeks away from the official start of winter. I write out of envy. Thanks for the book report. If you require a nearly 800 page novel to keep you busy, Natchez Burning by Greg Iles will keep you going well into the early morning hours. Not to be missed. P.S. The photo pf Tillie pouting with Ned reminds me of your mother as a child when she couldn’t get her way. Love from Featherstone. Larry.