we’ve reached a dubious milestone here: josephine’s first cold.  the poor thing is leaking from every facial orifice.  her eyes are teary, she’s drooling and her nose is producing copious amounts of snot.  i told her last night that she was a wet gummi bear (which makes no sense at all) and she smiled at that, so she’s not totally defeated by feeling crappy.  she’s got a bit of a barking cough that i’m keeping a careful eye on.  so careful that i haven’t gotten a lot of sleep the last few nights, which isn’t great because i have a cold, too.  it’s a fun-fest around here, let me tell you.  luckily we have ned who spent his three-day weekend tending to us.  hopefully he avoids the germs because i know i couldn’t do as good of a job at taking care of him as he’s done for us.

the heartbreaking tragedy in haiti puts any discomfort in perspective, though.  when i’m up in the middle of the night listening to josephine and ned breathing steadily and hearing the wind whipping by the windows, i’m so thankful for these two people i love and for warmth and shelter that being tired and worried doesn’t really matter so much.  i hope you and yours are similarly warm, safe and grateful.

ok, back to staring at the sleeping baby and working our way through lots of tissues, saline spray, vaporizer water and parental concern.

pre-snot cuteness

pre-snot cuteness

2 Responses to “snotville”

  • Meg Says:

    I hope she feels better soon. 🙁 How is she doing today?

  • Carrie Says:

    hon, i loved your post. i was thinking the exact same thing as i nursed sydney last night~ how thankful i was that she (barking cough, too, i might add) was safe and warm in my arms when so many haitian children are sick, injured, or alone right now. it’s a sad time, on many levels. (including massachusetts. what??)

    hope you and josephine are both feeling better.