Tilly’s little fuzz head is currently sparkly with glitter. We spent the morning with friends and remnants of the girls’ glitter snowflake project drifted to all nearby surfaces, including the baby’s head. There was supposed to be cookie decorating, too, but the big girls were having such a good time playing and the moms were so enjoying their gabbing that we didn’t get around to the cookies.

We are in our own home for Christmas for the first time and, while it is really nice to not be getting on a plane, part of celebrating the holidays has, for years, involved traveling long distances to be with family. We are trying to find ways to make Christmas special here, just us. But without a boarding pass and jam-packed suitcases and anxious checks of Midwest weather reports, it’s hard to believe it’s the night before the night before Christmas.

The glitter-headed baby helps. As does Josephine’s extreme excitement for the big day. The cookies I made the other day are making things sweeter, too. And the lights shining through the long, dark nights.

IMG_7937 (800x533)

IMG_7934 (533x800)

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2 Responses to “sparkly”

  • auntie mae Says:

    the one time it’s 30 degrees and snow-less in MN!

    glad you’ve had a good holiday at home 🙂

    we miss you, though!

  • Carrie Says:

    Those girls are all getting so big!! I love the concentration on their faces, the sprinkles, the popsicle sticks… all so fun.