room to grow

the little gummi bear is on the mend, i think.  her cough is less that of a barking seal and more one of a small, annoying, deep-voiced dog.  she slept better last night (we both did) and has been napping for an hour and a half.  yesterday, she slept for 45 minutes, twice.  not enough for a healing body.  she sounds a bit better, too; a little less hoarse.  although i do need to remind her yet again that she really should lay off the pack-a-day habit…

before all the germs took over our lives, ned and i had a very goal-oriented few days the weekend before last: get this baby a crib.  we made a trip to ikea (during a sale weekend.  argh!  we are crazy.  it was crazy.  we walked what felt like a mile from our car to the store and lost each other several times due to sheer volume of people in that ridiculous place.  but we survived), purchased a crib, assembled said crib and rearranged our bedroom to make room for the crib.  those of you who have seen our little one-bedroom apartment know that fitting a crib in the bedroom was no small feat.  we have about three square inches of carpet showing.

now josephine’s sleeping in a big-girl bed!  as you can see, she was definitely ready to move out of her cradle:


i have loved this little cradle.  being able to rock her while still half-asleep in bed was wonderful.  and she looked so sweet in it.  but she is out of room.  she sleeps in a swaddle, so she wasn’t banging her arms on the sides during the night, but i think she had about an inch of clearance length-wise when she stretched her legs out.  so, into the crib she goes:


(i had to pull out the wide-angle lens for this one!  that front rail isn’t really bent.)  a little more room, huh?  she’s made the transition nicely.  now i have to decide if i’m willing to trade sides of the bed with ned or if i’m ok with her sleeping all the way on the other side of the room from me.  i’m very attached to my side of the bed…

3 Responses to “room to grow”

  • Carrie Says:

    same crib sydney has! glad she’s taking to it so well~ just you wait, she’ll be doing laps around it before you know it. not sure how she makes her way to all the corners of the crib during hte night without waking up, but she’s been sleeping all through the night (8:30pm to 6:45am) for about a week now…yeah!! we’re back on east coast time!

  • Jann Hurley Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how BIG Josephine has gotten since we saw her last! She looks like she’s doing great. Sorry to hear about the bad cold. I hope she doesn’t have croup. That’s something Dale struggled with. Not fun.
    I know what you mean about “your side of the bed.” If it works for you to crawl over Ned, which sounds like the only option with 3 SF of carpet, go for it!

  • Oma and Ned Says:

    carrie, those babies of ours have good taste in cribs, huh? i can’t believe how short it is. i guess without a drop-side it has to be lower, but i was not expecting it to be so low. 🙂

    jann, i self-diagnosed her with croup, but the pediatrician’s office didn’t seem too concerned when i called and asked about the barking cough. maybe she inherited it from her uncle.