baby’s first christmas

on christmas eve day, we put the presents out under the tree. josephine amazed us by hardly giving them a second glance despite her weeks-long campaign for presents to open immediately. the four of us went out for a walk on the bike trail and that evening had friends over to make and eat tamales. we’d never made them before and it was a lucky break that they were done cooking by the time the water boiled away in the steamer and the air was filled with a festive acrid, scorched smell. the tamales, despite their smokey end, were delicious and the evening was lovely. josephine was calm (shocking) and went to bed when we asked and didn’t get up five million times (again, shocking). it might have been her fear of running into santa in the living room that kept her in her bed, but we were impressed nonetheless.

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my goals for christmas day were not lofty ones. i wanted to make and eat cinnamon rolls, i wanted a fire in the fireplace, and i wanted us to open presents in our pjs. josephine’s sole goal was to open presents. perhaps the lesson of “set your goals low so that you can achieve them” isn’t the proper one to take away here, but we both got what we wanted and it was a pretty fantastic day. after the opening and the eating and the fire, we went to meera’s house for a delicious dinner. tilly had no idea what was going on but she enjoyed herself and didn’t seem too upset when we dressed her up as santa and propped her up for pictures.

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and as nice as the day was, and as much as winter break exceeded my expectations in terms of calmness and non-boringness (again, set ’em low, people), it was REALLY NICE to drop josephine off at school this morning. i spent half of break sick with a bad cold and the combination of pre-holiday bustling, having a three-month-old, and being laid up with illness makes me so antsy to tear into house reorganization and decluttering. i’m sure once i’m able to spend a little time on it, my drive will vanish and the house will remain disorganized and cluttered, but i have grand plans. so farewell to a fairly peaceful, calm holiday. and hello to 2015. i hope this year is the best one yet.

2 Responses to “baby’s first christmas”

  • christina Says:

    Sounds like a great holiday! Josephine is growing up so fast and Tilly is adorbs 🙂

  • grandma susan Says:

    i love your christmas photos and story. i am glad that you spent your holidays in seattle, even though you were mucho missed here. xoxoxm.