feline defense

in case you hadn’t heard, the seahawks are going to the super bowl. and in case you hadn’t heard, josephine is a fan of cats. last weekend, when we were enjoying a dinner/game-watching evening with three other families, the fact that the seahawks were playing the carolina panthers was not lost on my young cat-lover. excitement in the room was high as the seahawks pulled ahead and after one particularly loud and rowdy bout of cheering following a seattle touchdown, josephine, who was sitting next to me on the couch, curled up into a ball and had real tears running down her face. “what’s wrong?” i asked my miserable, weeping daughter. “well, i guess everyone here HATES CATS!” she fumed. the panthers had at least one passionate fan in seattle that evening. (yesterday, she was chanting “go hawks!” all afternoon, so i guess cheeseheads don’t merit the same esteem.)



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