around the house

for the last two and a half weeks, at least one of us has been sick or otherwise suffering from bodily impairments. josephine’s had it the worst: a bout with the flu gave her a three-day fever and then that morphed into a cold with a cough. then tilly caught the cold. ned had a mild version of the cold and his back has been out. i’ve gone to bed every night for weeks feeling like i’m going to be very sick the next day but keep on keepin’ on.

we’ve had lots of around-the-house time as a result. here are some glimpses in.

working on grip and grab:
IMG_8089 (800x533)

IMG_8092 (800x533)

IMG_8094 (800x533)

practicing reading:
IMG_8091 (800x533)

producing a puppet show for tilly while i cook dinner:

IMG_8102 (800x533)

IMG_8106 (800x533)

bathing two babies and an audience of cats:

IMG_8144 (800x533)\

IMG_8148 (533x800)

“she looks like a woman in labor!” huh?

IMG_8151 (533x800)

looking cute:
IMG_8128 (800x533)

IMG_8163 (800x533)

IMG_8173 (533x800)

enjoying some rare january sunshine, cat-style:

IMG_8176 (800x533)

not included: photos of copious amounts of snot, a feverish child who wants to be carried to the bathroom and a tired mama. you’re welcome.

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