last night’s dream

[as reported by josephine in whispers to me this morning while tilly was sleeping]

I had a dream last night about when I was at school and it was my birthday and I had brought cupcakes with cats on them and unicorn cookies. And Ellis was having a playdate with me that day. And Julianna said, “We’re not having cupcakes and unicorn cookies. We’re having steak.” And I was like, “Julianna, it’s not your birthday.” And Julianna said, “I want some steak for your birthday, and anyway we’re having it.” And I said, “No we aren’t.” “Yes we are.” “No we aren’t.” “Yes we are.” And then Ellis and me were going to ride in the strollers. And we had to go up in a dark tunnel and me and Ellis were afraid all the way home. We had to go through the tunnel and we hadn’t brought any blankets to hide under. So then we got home. And we went to my new school because Ellis wanted to see it. And then when I had a burrito in my mouth and I was walking back down the hall and I was like, “bleagch kolpleach groggle blaggle.” And I meant, “We should have told Julianna that I’m a vegetarian and that I don’t eat steak.”

2 Responses to “last night’s dream”

  • Carrie Says:

    I absolutely LOVE all these tidbits by Josephine. She is a hoot and a half.

  • Chuck Says:

    Joey has a wonderful imagination and astounding ability to clearly articulate what she is thinking and experiencing. Being around her is a gift. So enjoyed the weekend with you, Ned, Joey, Tilly and the extended family.