five and five

today, tilly is five months old. josephine is five years old. for a month, they’ll be the same number. and then tilly will quickly move on to six and seven and on and on. and josephine will more slowly make the climb away from five. maybe we should celebrate with daily donuts for the next month?

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matilda louise is such a delight. she is mellow and calm, rarely flustered by the ups and downs of our household. she’s content to put up with lying on the floor for just a few more minutes while i attend to a chore or help josephine with something. she watches dinner prep from the moby wrap, quietly taking it all in. she growls at her toys in her bouncy seat or on her mat on the floor. she loves chewing on any of her cloth toys; she hasn’t really fallen for sophie the giraffe or her more traditional teethers. (no sign of teeth yet, just lots of drool and rosy cheeks.)

she’s starting to really engage with her world. she’ll watch one of us very carefully, waiting for us to look at her, at which point she rewards us for our attention with a huge grin. she goos and coos and babbles. she doesn’t laugh too often but when she does it’s the best sound in the world and we all gather around to try and coax another giggle out.

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tilly can roll from her back to her belly and her belly to her back, both tricks learned in the last month. she hasn’t combined them to make actual mobility possible. yet. she can give people a wave by flopping her right arm happily in the air which, if the internets are to be believed, is more of a milestone for a nine-month-old. we’ll take it as proof of her genius.

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her faces are priceless.

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josephine adores her sister and protests when we cut long baby-hugging sessions short so she can go to bed or eat a meal. “but i LOVE her!” she cries. we aren’t saying you don’t love her, we tell her, you just need to stop hugging her for a few moments. i know things will change when tilly morphs into a mobile, toy-grabbing imp, so i’m enjoying the unadulterated affection while i can.

we all love her. she’s our favorite thing.

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