getting grandma to come to us

we were going to make it to minnesota this month. we really were. and then we bought plane tickets for april instead. grandma couldn’t wait that long to see the girls. (i like to think i’m included in that “girls,” but let’s be honest here. it’s all about the kids.) so she came for a too-short visit. we always make a long list of things to do while she’s here and end up accomplishing next to nothing on the list. but manage to have a fun-packed visit nonetheless. and that’s all that matters. fun and grandma snuggles. (and a field trip to the zoo and tilly’s first time in a swing and hot chocolate and a date night for ned and i…)

IMG_8392 (533x800)

IMG_8360 (800x533)

IMG_8353 (800x533)

IMG_8352 (800x533)

IMG_8339 (800x533)

IMG_8337 (800x533)

IMG_8327 (533x800)

IMG_8318 (800x533)

IMG_8312 (800x533)

IMG_8305 (800x533)

IMG_8302 (800x533)

IMG_8296 (533x800)

IMG_8291 (800x533)

IMG_8290 (800x533)

IMG_8285 (800x533)

IMG_8284 (533x800)

IMG_8251 (533x800)

IMG_8247 (800x533)rock on, grandma. come visit anytime.

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