celebrating 90

A few weeks ago, we traveled southward to Oregon to celebrate my granddad’s 90th birthday. We rented a house with my great aunt and uncle, my aunt and uncle, and two of my cousins and their families. Growing up in Minnesota, I spent a lot more time with my mom’s side of the family, so one of the perks of moving to Seattle has been getting closer to the wonderful people on my dad’s side, most of whom live in Washington and Oregon.

The drive down, which when undertaken by people with competent bladders and a modicum of patience takes six hours, took about ten when undertaken by four people, two of whom possess the aforementioned qualities and two of whom DO NOT. I haven’t wanted to add it up because it’s just too depressing, but it’s possible that we spent more time in the car than we did awake at our destination. Luckily, it all was worth it. Josephine had a fantastic time creating “deer contraptions” in the bushes in the front yard with her cousins, the grown-ups got to laugh and catch up and play dice games, and Tilly got to meet some very important people. And we all got to celebrate my granddad and his milestone birthday. When it was time to get (back) into the car (again), I was wishing we had another day or two to explore and spend more time together.

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Added bonus! We stopped in Portland to meet our newest little friend there. Hello, Mozelle!

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