for fifteen months, i have sustained this child with my body alone. now i hand her (incrementally, slowly) over to the rest of the world to feed and nourish. as with her sister, we started with some squash from the farmers market. she was so excited to finally be eating — she’s been carefully watching our forks’ paths to our mouths for weeks — that she grinned and kicked her little feet and grinned and kicked some more. and ate like an old pro.

IMG_8658 (533x800)

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2 Responses to “solid”

  • Erika Says:

    Photos 7, 11 & last make me explode. I am just totally in LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE WITH HER!!! And Lordy how I love how you can capture a moment. Brilliant, wonderful girl. Love you, mama!

  • Jillynne Says:

    squash is just the best and never thought it could be beat. that is until seeing tilly eat it! 🙂