(I’ve even seen her trying to get on her hands and knees)

Tilly is on the move. She rolls and wiggles her way across the floor and is no longer in the same place I left her. I know this is the start of actual mobility; of scooting and crawling and pulling up and walking. And it’s the start of all the fun stuff that goes along with it; baby-proofing, worrying about our very hard fireplace mantle that spans the length of the room, her getting into Josephine’s toys, etc. I have to say: I DO NOT LIKE IT. Just a couple weeks ago, I could put her down on her little play mat, go stir dinner cooking on the stove, come back and say, “Oh! You rolled over!” Yesterday, I set her down on the floor (having packed up the play mat and it’s arced bars that kept getting in her way), went to the bathroom, came back and said, “Oh! You rolled and twisted across the floor and wedged your legs under the couch.” Awesome.

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