this is my child swimming underwater

the last time my mom came to visit, she had the distinct honor of coming along to one of josephine’s swim lessons. she got to hear josephine worry and cry intermittently throughout the day before the lesson and got to watch her shiver and weep in the pool while the other kids wiggled and giggled their way through the lesson. josephine was terrified of dunking her head under water and there was no joy to be found in lessons.

i’m very happy to say that we’ve had a very major breakthrough. i’m not sure what it was, exactly. we had her do three private swim lessons at the pool she (very happily) swims at with ned each week. there wasn’t any dunking involved, but i think it helped boost her confidence just enough so that she could gather up the courage to put her head under. we couldn’t be prouder.

IMG_9190 (800x533)

IMG_9174 (800x533)

IMG_9161 (800x533)

IMG_9159 (800x533)

IMG_9155 (800x533)

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