10 days, 7 cousins, 5 states (part 2)

we hit kansas and missouri then drove through iowa to get to minnesota (where we took a day trip to wisconsin). although the day spent in the car wasn’t the most pleasant thanks to tilly’s dissatisfaction with being stuck in the car seat, we made a 7 hour drive in 9 hours, which i thought was a pretty impressive time.

grandma took josephine on a couple fun outings — a play and a cat! tea! party! (i must get photos of that from my mom) — and we all did a lot of hanging out and playing. went swimming, went for a walk on a country road, visited my aunt and uncle and took a few photos (with a tired big sister) in grandma’s garlic patch. my sister’s family just moved into a brand new home of which i have zero photos but is just gorgeous. it was so amazing to see it in person after watching it come together from afar. it made me all fired up to get some of our own house projects done. (and then we got home and i remembered how i can barely write a blog post, let alone rearrange all the things hanging on the walls or sew new pillow cases for the couch. someday…)

they’re pretty darn great, my family.

IMG_9416 (533x800)

IMG_9424 (800x533)

IMG_9455 (800x533)

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IMG_9470 (800x533)

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  • Erika Says:

    Oh my lord-annoyed Joey in a garlic patch is my new favorite thing. I’m sorry to say that I laughed so hard, I started coughing and had to sip water. Love her so!!