sounding out a love note

josephine is in love with her school friend ellis. ellis is there two of three days of the week that josephine attends pre-k — aptly named “ellis days” — and josephine literally bounds out of bed with joy on those days. ellis also loves cats and wears her cat clothes on the days josephine will be there. i love that they are in this little mutual adoration society. i hope it’s the first of many such school friendships.

the other day, josephine proudly presented me with a note to ellis that she had written all by herself. this was the first time she had done all the sounding out and spelling on her own; before this she had been very reluctant to just dive in. well. this note is a masterpiece. it’s VERY dramatic and very anne-of-green-gablesesque to me. if josephine knew the term “bosom friend,” i am positive she would consider ellis hers.

IMG_9639 (533x800)

can’t quite make it out? it says:

“Dear Ellis and your mom. A poem by Joey. You are the only bright thing in my life. We love you. We’re really true. A note by Joey. Ellis, the day that I arrived I only wanted Julianna to be my friend. But then I only wanted you. A very loving word. Do you know who I love best in the world. You.”

she showed this to me and was SO very proud of her work. i read it through (with some help) and she skipped off. she came back in the kitchen a few minutes later and quietly said, “mama? i think i’m the only five-year-old who can spell!”

One Response to “sounding out a love note”

  • Carrie Says:

    This is SO Anne. Bosom friends, I love it. Ahh. Between this and the untimely loss of Gilbert, I’m feeling a very strong need for some Anne of my own!

    And Joey’s note is fabulous~ I love her courage to try!