the two oldest people josephine has met both passed away in january.  her great-great-uncle paul was 88 and my family’s friend jean was 93.  both lived healthy, engaged lives — the type we hope to emulate.  we feel very lucky that josephine got to meet them; they will be dearly missed.

we took josephine to visit uncle paul in the hospital on new year’s eve.  it was becoming clear he was not going to recover from his recent decline in health and it was a poignant moment when, hours before the new year began, we held a small baby up for an ailing old man to see.  he was in no shape to hold her that night so he grinned and softly clapped his hands.  his daughter told us it may have been the last time he smiled.


josephine, back when she was a few weeks old, with uncle paul


joey with jean at christmas

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