Little Tilly

I wanted to take advantage of a few quiet moments the other morning and decided to get something crossed off the to-do list. so i started sorting through tiny baby clothes to make a pile for a dear friend who’s due soon. i was half-way through the bin when I really realized what I was doing: GIVING AWAY ALL THE TINY BABY THINGS. I had to stop and go back and reconsider a few items.

I’ve been looking through the archives of this here blog a lot lately, comparing where Tilly is now to what Josephine was doing at the same age. All this rereading and revisiting the past makes me so grateful for the time I spent writing posts and adding photos when Josephine was a baby and makes me so mad at myself for the posts I haven’t written in the past eight months. Poor second child. I neglect to blog about all the little moments in her day and then I almost give away all of her tiny baby things without shedding a few tears at the rapid passing of time. I promise you, future Tilly, I have been paying attention. I see you scooting across the floor with a mischievous gleam in your eye and I see your first razor-like tooth cutting through. I might not be blogging enough, but I’m here and we’re living it.

IMG_0062 (800x533)

IMG_0064 (800x533)

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