bearing gifts

last month, my parents *drove* from minnesota to visit us. in a feat of car-packing genius, they brought us a china cabinet, a wooden bench for the yard, a full set of china, and a pair of stilts that were a wedding gift from my brother-in-law. all in a prius! they helped us rearrange a lot of the living room/dining room furniture, were very patient when it became clear that i hadn’t really figured out where things were going to go before we started moving furniture around, snuggled the girls, went swimming, went to the beach, helped us harvest our garlic scapes, ate and laughed with us, and then, too quickly, headed back home. it was hard to watch them drive away. i wish we could stay here but live near them, too. i always wish that, but feel it all the more intensely after we spend time together. hopefully we can convince them to make the drive again soon.

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One Response to “bearing gifts”

  • grandma susan Says:

    well, this trip made us realize how “easy” it is to jump in the car and come visit for a couple nights. we’ll do it again for sure. it’s a way for me to dump more of my house into your house! we love our seattle family. thank you for hosting us. hugs and hugs. xoxogma.