for celia

our friends mansir and daphne had a beautiful baby girl last week.  celia was born in atlanta and, just weeks before we plan to visit ned’s  parents in atlanta in april, mansir and daphne will whisk her away back home with them to mozambique.  i guess we’ll have no choice but to make another trek to africa to meet her (ha ha).

daphne and mansir asked friends and family to send them pictures that represent learning of celia’s birth.  well, moments after we read the email announcing her arrival on sunday, joey took a shower.  we didn’t take any pictures of that for obvious reasons (although it was a pretty cute endeavor), so here are our (non-naked) photos for them.

on friday, while daphne was in labor, just hours before celia was born, josephine was doing this:


and just after the shower on sunday, we scurried to our favorite farmers market and splurged on a dozen farm-fresh eggs.  the purchase wasn’t exactly in honor of celia, but, you know, eggs are cute and sweet, just like new little babies…  right?


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