and suddenly it’s july

we are knee-deep in summer here. well, knee-deep in terms of how far into summer we are, but probably in over our heads in terms of summer heat. it’s hot. i’m a total heat wuss and as i am the parental unit in charge of two small beings the majority of the time, i have determined that we will all be homebodies and wallow in our slightly-cooler-than-outside house. thanks to little house books on CD playing nearly constantly, a floor full of toys for tilly, many hard surfaces for tilly to practice pulling up to a stand on, and lots of dreaming about the end of the heat wave, we’re making it through. the only reason tilly has been wearing more than a diaper is so she doesn’t get rug burn on her belly when she scoots around the room. josephine comes out of her room some days with a sweater and socks on in addition to her more summer-appropriate clothes, but these are quickly shed as the temperature rises.

josephine just finished two weeks of daily swim lessons at a nearby outdoor pool. i was sick during much of the first week; ned stayed home from work for three days to take care of all of us. and during the second, hot week, it was sometimes the only outing we had. we had been hoping that daily lessons would push josephine through a couple swim-related anxieties (jumping off the side of the pool at the top of the list), but it was not exactly a challenging course. she came home on the first day and said, “those teachers are GREAT! they don’t make you do ANYthing!” on the positive side, i didn’t have to convince her to go to lessons each day.

the 10-day forecast finally has some cooler days appearing in the near future. i look forward to using the oven to make dinner, snuggling with tilly without turning her into a damp little pile of chub, and spending a day not wondering when, exactly, the windows should be closed and when they should be opened again.

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