a(nother) graduation

josephine graduated from preschool last year because her beloved preschool was closing and everyone graduated. she has graduated again, this time because she’s actually done with preschool (excuse me: pre-k) and it’s time to move on to kindergarten. there was a sweet ceremony honoring the pre-k kids. each child’s name was announced and one teacher told us their favorite part of school (“music class”) and what they were going to be when they grew up (josephine said “pet rescuer” but my favorite was the kid who said “gem cutter”). josephine was thrilled with the pomp and circumstance. although she loved jumping in the hallway with her beloved ellis, she refused to sing along with the serenade. it was “too embarrassing.” she promised me she wouldn’t pout during the song and she kept her promise. she’s been loved at this school and has grown in her ability to make friends and negotiate relationships. hopefully she’s gained some skills that will serve her well once kindergarten knocks us all off our feet.

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