tooth fairy’s first visit

josephine lost her first tooth on the 30th. ned had been hounding her to yank it out and she wouldn’t let him touch it. i was allowed to wiggle it but she was very protective of it. when i heard screaming coming from the bathroom on sunday evening, i had a feeling it was tooth-related. ned had told her to hold her tooth with one hand and smack that hand with her other hand. she did it and the tooth popped right out. josephine was not ready to have her tooth out of her mouth and a long period of great sadness (fueled by bedtime exhaustion) followed. eventually she calmed down but it was another night before she was ready to leave the tooth for the tooth fairy. and she left it on her dresser, not under her pillow. i don’t blame her. who wants a strange little creature reaching under their pillow for a severed body part?

josephine had decided that she could make a wish on her tooth and the tooth fairy would fulfill that wish. i had to let her know that the tooth fairy just leaves a trinket; no live cat was going to appear in her tooth’s place. the tooth fairy left her some horse tattoos and a coupon for a free ice cream cone. it’s no cat, but she seemed pretty happy. and now we have this awesome new smile to enjoy.

IMG_20150901_095829004-2 (2)


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