big city gal

we’ve been out and about (and behind in posting about our adventures), so here are some snapshots from the past week.

on wednesday, we went to a baby massage class where josephine enjoyed a luxurious half-hour massage (from yours truly).  on the way home, we went to a coffee shop and did some people watching.  josephine didn’t think much of the latte.


on the way home, she fell asleep under her plastic stroller cover.  guess who was pushing her in the rain, getting soaked.  oh, seattle.  you wet, wet city, you.


on thursday, we had another date with anya, desmond, polly, brixton and unity.  this time we took a picture.  a fairly bad picture, but there we are:


and on friday, anya, desmond, josephine and i ventured downtown for the afternoon.  this was a big deal and we had been planning “DT” day for a few weeks.  everything went smoothly.  the moms did a little shopping; the kiddos loved spending time at pike place market.  don’t they looked thrilled?



after the downtown excursion, josephine and i took the new light rail to meet up with ned and go to a friend’s birthday party.  baby’s first train ride!


2 Responses to “big city gal”

  • erika Says:

    you’re darn right you’re behind on posting. i check dutifully everyday for some little scrap of delicious josephine info. the tongue picutre and the train picture tho have made up for the delay…she’s so awesome!!

  • Meg Says:

    I check, too! I can’t imagine what you might be doing when you are supposed to be posting. 🙂 Jo is so stinkin’ cute! I love the tooth! And the train ride! I envy the fact that you all get to spend time outdoors. We are currently experiencing snow day #7 … and no end in sight. Vitamin D, I need you!