last day of summer

josephine starts kindergarten tomorrow. KINDERGARTEN. a teacher strike delayed the start of school a few days (she was supposed to start monday), so that put all the more pressure on today to have it be the best last day of summer ever. we went with sweet and simple: a morning at the park, a trip to the library to put josephine’s new library card to use, and lunch out. and a nap. we can’t forget the nap. (we went to the baby story time at the library — tilly’s first time attending — and tilly went bananas. she was crawling around the room full of babies grinning, like, “my people! these are my people!” i think having a little more time devoted to age-appropriate activities for her will be great. you know, after josephine starts kindergarten. tomorrow.)

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One Response to “last day of summer”

  • Aunt Jann Says:

    What a great “last day of summer” outing. I’m sure Tilly is going to love opportunities to see “her people” and have a little alone time with Mom. Joey is getting so grown up! She’ll be way ahead of most of the kindergartners academically, but I’m sure she will have a blast. Love her little gap-toothed smile. We are missing all of you!