hello, six

josephine turned six earlier this month and, for the first time, her party was on her birthday. she was a little disappointed by this at first as she likes wringing as much celebration time out of her birthday as possible, but once we got to party planning, she came around. and it was a great day. josephine wanted a horse-themed party, so we played pin the tail on the horse (a given), ate horse-approved foods (carrots, apples, oat cakes, and pretzel sticks hay), and the guests were given a workout in the pole bending and barrel racing courses. everyone got a ribbon.

josephine helped with the planning of the party and i really love brainstorming with her and whittling down some of her elaborate plans to something doable. plus, hand-coloring the invitations is a sneaky way to create work that keeps her busy. she helped make the cake, the invites, the decorations, and plan the games. and she had a wonderful time welcoming six.

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One Response to “hello, six”

  • grandma susan Says:

    the best birthday yet! i love reading and seeing how creative oma and joey are in the party planning. i see a future career…..