hello, one

our dear little tilly turned one last month. she is just the best baby. i tell her that multiple times a day. she’s happy and engaged and goes along with all the zaniness we toss her way. i feel like we can watch her brain grow and expand as she takes in new aspects of her world every day. and she’s talking! i thought perhaps i would get to enjoy experience having a quiet child after josephine. but tilly appears to be as excited to communicate as her sister was.

ned had the day off work on her birthday and the three of us went out to lunch. ned and i enjoyed fantastic pizza and were kind enough to share the crusts with the birthday girl. tilly worked on her “cheese” face. that evening, after a park date with meera, she enjoyed her first taste of ice cream.

IMG_2160 (800x533)

IMG_2172 (533x800)

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her birthday party was a pretty laid-back affair. (as in, i forgot that i should probably be planning some sort of activity for the hoards of kids in attendance until about two days before the party. and even then didn’t do much.) we had it at the same park we had josephine’s first birthday party and, as we have on all of our park birthday parties, we lucked out with the weather. it was cool but sunny. and there was lots of chocolate cake.

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i adore my family and i love celebrating their special days, but the end of birthday month couldn’t come soon enough. see you next year, all of our birthdays!


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