you can’t handle the tooth*

because she’s a genius, josephine has cut her first tooth a bit earlier than average.  not sure of the connection between IQ and the timing of teething?  me neither, but there must be a relationship.

can you see it?


that little grain of rice?


that’s as sharp as a knife?


and about to change our little girl from a baby to, well, a baby with teeth?

here’s a close-up (and a glimpse at her second tooth, just below the surface to the right):


she looks quite pleased with herself, doesn’t she?




*i know, i know.  groan.  other title possibilities included “the tooth and nothing but the tooth” and “the tooth is revealed.”  ned suggested “the tooth about cats and dogs.”

2 Responses to “you can’t handle the tooth*”

  • erika Says:

    if they get teeth, than they’re grown up, right? so christopher is not going to get teeth, i’ve decided. he’ll send them all to josephine to get for him. 😀 you’re welcome.

  • Oma and Ned Says:

    we’ll take them. she’ll be like shark girl and can go on the tyra show.