this kid…


this kid is allllmost walking. she’s pulling up on anything and everything and practicing standing and squatting. any day now. our lives will change forever. when she’s not standing and squatting and pulling up, she’s crawling faster than seems possible.


this kid love being outside. she calls it “ah oooo!” and points out the window and chants, “ah ooo! ah ooo! ah ooo!” she’s so happy when she’s discovering the ways in which dirt sifts through her fingers or deciding just how much grass she should tug out of the ground.


this kid is talking so much. like, maybe more than her sister was at this age? is that possible? newest language acquisitions include “nigh night” (night night), “neow” (meow), “tooh” (toast), and “no.”


this kid is working on her photo smile. you say “cheese!” and she does her best, most crinkle-nosed smile. she’s a little piece of magic.

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