off to the pumpkin patch

We missed our annual pumpkin patch visit last year. Tilly was too tiny and we were too inundated by newborn haze to get it together to go. But we were back on track this year and so happy to get out in the fall sunshine with Dylan, Jami, and Ann. The first time we went, Dylan and Josephine looked like this:


Now Tilly is the same age as Josephine was then. Dylan and Josephine take up a little more space in the wheelbarrow:

IMG_2830 - Copy (800x533)

IMG_3020 (800x533)

IMG_2983 (800x533)

IMG_2863 (800x533)

IMG_2905 (800x533)

IMG_2908 (800x533)

IMG_2916 (800x533)

IMG_2932 (533x800)

IMG_2942 (800x533)

IMG_2972 (800x533)

IMG_3008 (800x533)

IMG_2962 (800x533) (2)

IMG_2895 (800x533)

IMG_2881 (533x800)

IMG_2852 (533x800)

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