a return to snotville

you know those parents whose kids always seem to be sick?  i do not want to be one of those parents.  and yet.  josephine is sick with a cold.  again.  less than a month after her first one.  isn’t breastfeeding supposed to protect against this?  i also don’t want to be one of those parents who has to sanitize every surface before my kid touches it, but i’m considering it (and have to confess that when she dropped her rattle on the floor of a cafe the other day, i didn’t give it back to her).  we need to get out and about for my mental health, but it’s frustrating to know that it’s probably on our outings that she’s picking up germs.  sigh.  builds immunity, right?  and gives me a new motto: spare the bulb syringe, spoil the child.

at least she’s had her papa’s visit to distract her:


(papa's teething, too)

(papa's teething, too)

and story time with dad:


and those cute little teeth:


in conclusion: when you’re out in the world and see a cute baby (or even a not-very-cute baby) do not touch its hands or face.  seriously.  just don’t.  thank you.

10 Responses to “a return to snotville”

  • auntie mae Says:

    are you kidding me?? i have a cold again too!!!

    she’s SO connected w/ her auntie!!

  • Carrie Says:

    ohh, the bulb syringe. i was so afraid of it, but actually have come to love the little instrument. syd actually likes it too, especially since brandon tends to suction all parts of her (cheeks, tummy, feet)…gales of giggles, even when she’s at her snottiest. 🙂 i think she had the daycare cold pretty much from november thru about a week ago (when it was replaced by the 24 hour diarrhea bug). and now she’s completely healthy!! this is probably aided by the fact that she’s been home from daycare since last wednesday due to snowmageddon.

    hope she feels better soon!

    your adventures downtown are fabulous…can’t wait to take our girls to pikes place together! hugs, carrie

  • oma Says:

    jeez, maeta, keep your germs in minnesota! i hope you feel better soon.

    carrie, syringing other body parts is a great idea to make it more “fun.” although we’ve instilled such terror of the bulb in her i’m not sure it’s reversible. 🙂

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    look at her two teeth!! oh my goodness. she is so lucky to have had papa visit her. i love her leg on her dad’s arm.

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    ok–so….you really wouldn’t pick up the rattle off the floor and give it to her if she didn’t have cold, would you??

  • oma Says:

    no, i wouldn’t, mom. (i thought of you when i wrote that line.) no toys off the floor, no matter how healthy she is. 🙂

  • Anya Says:

    Oh no, I feel bad, like desi got her sick! The one of ned reading is adorable!! Love the teeth!

  • Meg Says:

    Do you think the runny nose is actually a cold, or do you think it’s because of her new teeth? Every single one of my three kids has had runny noses, etc., when they have been cutting teeth. It’s been particularly apparent with #3 (Callie — she does have a name) because she — for some unknown reason — cut all 4 of her molars before she cut anything else. I’m not even kidding. Molars. And snottsville for a month.

    Josephine is such a doll, even if she is fighting a runny nose. 🙂

  • Oma and Ned Says:

    i’ve wondered about the whole teething thing, too. i had such a bad cold when she had her first one that i am assuming that was an actual cold, but i do think the continued snottiness might have more to do with teeth than germs. i hope so, anyway. poor callie!

  • Meg Says:

    The coming of teeth seem to be the bane of our children’s existence. Josephine doesn’t really seem to mind a cold or new teeth, though. She always seems so happy. What a wonderful little girl. 🙂

    Callie has finally gotten a few more teeth, namely her top and bottom incisors and the two teeth next to the bottom incisors. And I think Luke is cutting some more, too. He turned three last week; I think that means more teeth … 🙂