tilly is quite the energetic child. she’s full-on walking now. i keep hoping she’ll decide to drop down to her hands and knees for a day or two and SLOW DOWN for pete’s sake, but no such luck. she’s practicing running now, careening across the living room, narrowly avoiding head injuries and other calamities. she falls, these full-body pratfalls that would probably send me to the hospital, and she just jumps up and continues quickly on her toddler way.

and then sometimes, in the middle of a tear around the house, she’ll plop down by her book shelf, pick up a book, and then just sit there for a long time, flipping methodically through book after book. and i breath a sigh a relief for a moment of calm.

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3 Responses to “bookworm”

  • G.Grandma Jackie Says:

    Another bookworm! She takes after her Great Grandfather
    Grandpa Harold!

  • Erika Says:

    Tilly’s friend Ellie would like Tilly to know that there’s an open invitation to hang out and read Brown Bear all day long together whenever Tilly wants. We have the jammies, the books, replacement books, stuffed animals, puzzles, and beyond. It’s a fully Brown Bear life up in here. And Tilly is welcome.