aunnie and oh-row

aunnie and oh-row. that’s what tilly calls auntie and rowan. we have talked about them a lot in the past few weeks because they came to visit and it was awesome. and then they left and tilly asked about them every morning for a while. aunnie? oh-row? but let’s just focus on how great it was when they were here, shall we?

maeta and i took the little kids to the zoo on friday while josephine was a school and we peered through the light drizzle at a lot of sleeping animals. on saturday, seattle gifted us with a gorgeous, sunny day and rowan wanted to ride on a “ship,” so we took a ferry across the sound, got off, and then got back on and rode it right back across the sound. then we spent the rest of the day on the beach. it was blissful. the next day was colder and wetter. we went to the locks and out for lunch and then aunnie and oh-row headed for the airport. come back again! or, wait. no. we’ll come see you! ALL of you.

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