friends, family: phoenix

in april, spring break hit and we headed for warmer, sunnier climes. ned’s brother’s family moved to phoenix last year and we still hadn’t seen their new place. my dear friend erika and her family live there, too. so it was a two-fer. or, actually, a bit more than a two-fer, as there are nine kids between the two families. the girls had a blast playing with cousins (tilly is working on their names and loves to shout out “peter!” at random moments) and friends and we all soaked up sun and love and laughter. we ate oranges and pecans that fell off the trees, spent hours playing in the shady yard, watched two cousins sing and dance in “fiddler on the roof,” fed peanuts to goats, and tried to avoid prickly cactus. i hope we’ll go back soon.

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2 Responses to “friends, family: phoenix”

  • G.Grandma Jackie Says:

    Oh boy!! someone had fun! Or a facial?

    Grandma Jackie

  • oandn Says:

    Grandma, that’s my friend Erika. They had a “messy art” event at her church and people got to toss colored chalk at her!