(gulp. i have a bit of catching up to do. two photo posts in all of july? i’ll dig myself out of this blog backlog one of these days…)

Atlanta! Last week we went to visit Ned’s parents — Gigi and Papa to the kids — in their lovely Atlanta home. In addition to our gracious hosts, we were all particularly fond of the air conditioning and the neighborhood pool. Everyone minus Tilly and I went to a puppet show (and saw Big Bird) and the whole lot of us went to the High Museum and enjoyed some art. We ate and napped and read books and played and caught up and laughed (mainly at Tilly’s antics). It was a great visit. And the 80 degree weather went we got home felt downright chilly.

More soon. We’re heading out to Mount Rainier tomorrow to camp! With Tilly! Who never stops moving!

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