saying goodbye

My grandad Harold died earlier this week. The week before, he was on his way home from the hospital after bringing my Grandma there for trouble that she was having swallowing. He had a massive stroke while driving home but, in his usual in-control way, managed to pull his car into a parking lot and not run into anyone. It was quickly clear that he was not going to recover. He was 91. A dozen family members (and one adorable baby) gathered in their town in Oregon to say goodbye. Although the circumstances were quite grim — the family patriarch was hours or days from dying and the matriarch was recovering from her own medical issues — there was so much laughter and smiling and telling of good stories. Nobody was oblivious to the fact that we were hanging out in the hospital or that we were about to lose Grandad, but everyone was grateful to be there and to be together. I think we gave him a really good send-off.








2 Responses to “saying goodbye”

  • Michelle Says:

    Lovely, touching photos, Oma. Thanks for sharing them. I’m so glad that you and your mom got to be there with your dad for the send-off.

  • Jillynne Raymond Says:

    So sorry for your loss. So happy for your family’s handling of it all…nice celebrating Harold’s life. 🙂