mazama, snow version

over mid-winter break in february, we went back to meera’s family’s home in mazama, east of the mountains and north of civilization. despite tilly’s continued fear of snow and despite a whopping cold on my part, it was a good long weekend. both josephine and meera lost teeth and the tooth fairy made two visits to the house. tilly played in the snow-free dirt road, i rotated between bed and the couch in the cozy house, and josephine got up on cross country skis and loved it. ned got to take on the bulk of the parenting in a beautiful snowy place with friends to help. on the way home, we visited my aunt and uncle’s house on lake chelan and shared lunch with them. it was great to catch up with them and see their home. we’ve been trying to get out there for years and it’s conveniently on the way home from meera’s house. i think we’ll be back to both places again soon.

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