pee soo!

tilly is now a proud, excited, happy preschooler.  it wasn’t part of the master plan to start our almost-2.5-year-old in preschool, but when i started shopping for preschools for next fall, we realized several things: 1) we couldn’t comfortably afford preschool without me working; 2) without spending even more money, we wouldn’t be able to put her in enough hours of preschool for me to have time to work; and 3) the preschool i liked the best was a co-op preschool that is much more affordable. so co-op preschool it was. BUT. the co-op preschool system has a pretty firm age cut-off which tilly’s late-september birthday didn’t make. there was a work-around. if we joined the pre-3s class now, a class that still had a few open spots, we could take part in priority registration for fall and tilly’s late birthday would cease to be an issue. so she’s going to preschool now.

she was SO READY to be a preschooler. while we were touring schools, we’d enter a classroom and she would take off and start exploring everything she could during our brief visits. she wouldn’t have cared if i had left and she never wanted to leave. she’s had no issues with me leaving her at her preschool. i work in the classroom one morning a week and she goes on her own the other morning and so far it’s working out just great for us. she’s learning the routine and likes to talk about the other kids and the things she’s doing there. i don’t know if it will be where we stay until kindergarten, but it’s a good place to be right now.

first day of preschool:

a month in, sitting still at circle time:

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