these girls

they get along so well. (until they don’t.) mainly due to their age difference, these two spend a lot of time in the same place doing different things so it’s a joy to watch them become more of a team. josephine likes to make up games for the two of them to play or propose imaginary scenarios to act out. they bond over reading and have deep discussions about moana wherein tilly shares her far-fetched plot lines. josephine is quick to be frustrated when tilly is her impulsive two-year-old self, but is also old enough to get it when tilly is being ridiculously hilarious. and tilly is getting old enough to share jokes with josephine and is beginning to develop a similarly quirky sense of humor.

One Response to “these girls”

  • grandma susan Says:

    these two little girls become more precious every day. their relationship speaks volumes in these photos. thank you.