last day of first grade

Josephine’s first grade year has come to an end. She had a good one overall — made some new friends and strengthened friendships from kindergarten. She learned so many new facts and tricks and ways of thinking about the world. She has struggled, in the last few months, with a bit of anxiety around school. I’m relieved there’s a break from the daily grind and the mornings too full of cajoling and comforting and trying to figure out just how hard to push a nervous and uncomfortable girl. But she did it. She kept on getting up and getting on with the day. I’m proud of her and the progress she’s made. Also, we made it another year without being late to school — something she and I consider a major accomplishment. We have honed our speed-walking skills.

This afternoon we hosted a little ice cream party for friends. The kids piled on the toppings and Hong brought her bubble machine and our backyard got a workout. It was also my friend Jessica’s birthday so we celebrated that, too. (That’s her in the sunglasses and the fetching Moana ring.) Her daughter Nina and Josephine were in the same kindergarten class. Jessica has become a close friend and has made me laugh a thousand times over the past two years. She’s moving across the country next week; it was bittersweet to laugh with her after drop-off this morning for the last time, standing at our little spot near school where we pause and talk before she turns to go one way towards her house and Tilly and I head to the pond for our walk home. I’m going to miss those talks and laughs next year.

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