josephine, the original and much-documented subject of this here blog, just turned eight. it boggles my mind just a bit. how can she be so old? (and how can i continue to still feel so in over my head as a parent?…) her birthday was the day after we returned from a trip and the day before school started. luckily, she was good with it being a pretty low-key day. she went for a bike ride on her new bike with ned and she and i went to the pet store to scope out the scene for a new hamster. (what are we thinking!?) wildfires burning in this state and oregon were sending ash raining down on seattle and it was too hot and stuffy in the house to bake, so we had root beer floats for a birthday treat after a big sushi dinner.

josephine’s an amazing kid. i can’t believe how lucky i am to get to be her mom.

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