babies on a couch

the last official meeting of our parent group was this week and we celebrated by putting all the babies on a couch and torturing them.


that’s our girl on the left.  the screaming one.  she wasn’t hating us the entire time, though.


josephine, emilee, charlotte, cordelia, vanessa

at one point, she was even enjoying herself.


this was the gang two-and-a-half months ago.  they’ve grown a bit.  and become less happy about being squished on a couch together.


luca, josephine, cordelia, charlotte, emilee, vanessa

the babies seemed to enjoy each others’ company.  here are the ladies, chatting during tummy time.


josephine’s made some pals.  emilee seems to be an especially big fan of hers.  she likes to grab and chew on josephine.  in a very nice way.



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