Birthday party 2017

For the eighth year in a row, we had a park birthday party and for the eighth year in a row, we lucked out with the weather. Although this was our closest call yet — the day was windy and chilly despite some sun, and raindrops started to splatter as we were packing up party supplies.

The girls have been very excited about biking this summer. Josephine mastered biking without training wheels and got a new, bigger bike for her birthday. And Tilly figured out that she can ride Josephine’s old “pink, sparkly pedal bike.” She’s smitten. They decided they wanted to have a bike parade for their birthday so we gathered as many friends as we could, set out a bunch of decoration supplies, ate some cake, and did some pedaling. Tilly must have gone around the loop 20 times. Josephine fell off her bike and caught herself with her face right before we had cake (hence the face-hiding in our family photo attempts), but she recovered bravely and even got back on her bike for a bit. She’s got grit!

We are so lucky to have such an amazing community of friends here to celebrate with.

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