halloween 2017

for halloween this year, josephine was a dog trainer; a costume that involved many small props, very few of which actually saw the light of day (or, glow of streetlight, as it were). also, she had decided on a much less, um, vibrant outfit, but came out of her room in this and i think it added to the pizazz that is halloween. ned gamely made his own dog costume and went as her obedient canine (because she’s a good trainer). and tilly was a purple octopus — the amazing octopus skirt was made by a friend and handed down to tilly.

we trick-or-treated with meera’s family. meera made a fantastic emmylou harris (who sings a song about a black dog named bella, hence ned’s costume choices). tilly was VERY excited to be given candy at every house and now there is entirely too much sugar in our house. speaking of, i’m feeling a little snackish…

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