Remember us? (Christmas 2017)

Can we just pretend, dear reader(s?), that it hasn’t been multiple months since I last posted? If the few people who sometimes check this blog haven’t given up on me, I’d like to persevere. To that end, may I present: Christmas!

Way back in December, we traveled to Red Wing the week before Christmas to spend some time with my family. We hemmed and hawed about when we should go — tickets were more affordable and travel times were much more civil the week before Christmas, my parents and siblings didn’t really care one way or the other, and going early meant we could be back in Seattle for a quiet actual Christmas here. So it was a bit nontraditional, but it turned out to have been a very wise decision. The day we left Minnesota, temperatures were plummeting and my nephew was developing a troubling cough. We winged back to Seattle and avoided frigid weather and what ended up being pneumonia for both nephews and major colds for multiple grown-ups. Three cheers for strange decisions that end up being apt.

And three cheers for a wonderful visit! We were so lucky to spend half of the trip staying at my aunt and uncle’s beautiful farm house. They moved into a lovely house in town earlier in the winter and generously offered their farm as a sort of home-away-from-home for all of us. My sister and her boys and my parents stayed there, too. My brother and brother-in-law stayed late each night, laughing and playing games. The Farm holds a very special place in my heart. It’s where Ned and I got married and has been the host to countless other wonderful family events. Many childhood memories are rooted there and it was so special to soak in the atmosphere there again. We spent a lot of time as we always have spent time there — snuggled around the fire in the kitchen. The cousins roamed the house playing and enjoying each others’ company. And the grownups felt like they had a bit of vacation.

One noteworthy milestone: Tilly discovered she actually loves snow! After last winter’s extreme disdain for snow, we were hopeful she’d have a change of heart and she did. And just in time to enjoy sledding in Grandma and Grandpa’s yard and walking in the woods at the Farm.

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