double date day

i stumbled out of the bedroom late monday morning after another poor  night of sleep.  mondays are sometimes a little hard, a tiny bit longer than other days — just-us time after the weekend with ned, his perfect companionship and the respite he provides me after a week of being the sole daytime parent to josephine.

on this monday morning, though, a perfectly-timed gift: two messages on the answering machine.  one inviting josephine and me to lunch and another asking if we were up for a walk in the arboretum in the afternoon.  i called the friends back and gratefully accepted.

we lunched with anne and meera–new friends from our parent group.  i think spending time on the floor with meera inspired josephine to work on her back-to-front roll.  she’s thisclose to getting herself over.



then we went to the arboretum to soak up some late winter warmth with jami and dylan.  dylan’s a little naturalist and could name many of the plants and trees.  i told her that i’m going to send josephine out on nature walks with her so someone can teach her more than “that’s a bush. that’s a tree. that’s a flower.”


on saturday, we were the hosts and had dave, wendy and anna over for dinner and some very brief olympics viewing.  anna takes very good care of josephine.





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