Visiting Oregon family and friends

We skipped town in January to take a long-overdue trip to visit my Grandma Jackie in southern Oregon. On the way, we stayed in Portland with my cousin and her family and got to visit our friends and meet their new baby Louisa. The girls had a blast with my cousin’s kids (who I can never remember… are their? second cousins? something-something once-removed? I look it up and then instantly forget it). Anyway, they had a great time. The younger girl gave Tilly her Moana necklace that had made Tilly’s eyes bug out with awe, so that was pretty much the highlight of her trip.

It was so good to see my Grandma and have her enjoy some time with the girls. We hung out in her apartment for a bit and she told us about family history and showed us pictures of her family. We went to lunch at this vegetarian place out in the middle of nowhere where the food tastes like they sprinkle it with a big of magic. And then we basked in the sun for a while, just being together. Joey was working on a poster about her family heritage for school and I told her that some of my relatives had traveled on the Oregon Trail. So we checked out a bunch of books about the trail from the library and she read through them on the drive down to visit my Grandma. She then was able to ask my Grandma a bunch of questions and learn more about the ancestors who had made the trek across the country so many years ago. It was a lovely interchange.


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