Irish dance recital

Joey’s been taking Irish dance classes since February and is so in love with it. Like her older cousin Annie, who danced when she was younger, if she’s not dancing at least a few steps a day, you know there’s something wrong. She had a recital at the end of the school year. It was a challenging week. Ned’s dad has been very sick and that week he had be admitted to the ICU. Ned flew to Atlanta to be with him and his mom. It was the last week of school, which is always exciting and a bit unsettling. And she was being parented by a solo mama who was a bit cranky. She had a FOUR HOUR dress rehearsal on Friday (also the last day of school) and I thought she’d be a mess afterwards, but she was happy and energized. She loved being in the green room with the other dancers and practicing on the big stage. The recital the next day was a great success. She was glowing on stage and so thrilled about getting to perform. While I was waiting for her to come out from backstage after the show, I saw another dancer greet her parents fuming, “Did you see how I messed up at the beginning?!” Joey skipped out with a huge grin on her face and, although later she confessed she had missed a few steps, she started with how much fun she’d had. I hope it’s always so fun to do what she loves. (Tilly did great with it all, too. She loved watching the dancers and the recital has inspired some pretty amazing “modern ballet” performances in the living room.)

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