art appreciation

on a bit of a whim, josephine and i went downtown yesterday to take advantage of first thursday at the seattle art museum — the one day of the month when admission is free.  josephine’s already been to the museum (she’s very cultured) but the last visit involved more crying than is desirable at a busy museum on a holiday weekend so i wanted to give it another try with a baby who’s now more aware of her surroundings and a bit more tolerant of outings.

we took the bus downtown, only her third bus trip, and i swear she was making little squawks specifically so that the guy sitting across the aisle from us would pay attention to her.  she has yet to learn about the sound-blocking properties of the headphones he was wearing, i guess.


at the museum, she was a calm, wide-eyed observer of the art.  she seemed to particularly like the calder mobiles, the brightly colored aboriginal art from australia, the collection of african masks, the hanging cars with lights coming out of them, and a strange modern sculpture made of hundreds of sweaters.  she also really liked a fluttering garland of paper hanging from the ceiling in the gift store.


in the family room, just off one of the main galleries. such a great space -- a place for kids to play and josephines to nurse.


unlike last time, she was quiet and respectful.  the loudest noise she made on the entire field trip was a dramatically loud moan after a long yawn on the bus on the way home.

One Response to “art appreciation”

  • Carrie Says:

    Love it! I took Syd to the Philly Art Museum when she was about seven months old and she was so into it. She just looked at everything~ particularly the tapestries, the fountain in the french cloister, the shiny metal stuff in the armory and i swear she stared at the first monet we showed her for about 2 minutes. (forever in baby attention spans!)

    Glad you had a fun outing.