birthday belly

it’s official.  i will not share a birthday with my child.  but, because i was not in labor or tending to a newborn, i did get to enjoy a quiet, lovely day that included a delicious breakfast made by ned (blueberry muffins! roasted potatoes!), a one-year-old’s birthday party, sitting in the shade by a lake, a massage, a great dinner out and a long phone call with my sister.  i also got to enjoy toting this belly around at least one more day.38 weeks

2 Responses to “birthday belly”

  • Christina Says:

    You look great! Glad you had a great day! I am dropping your present in the mail today. I should be more on top of things considering all children are in school but alas I am not 🙂 I hope you stay comfortable.

  • kathleen Says:

    happy belated birthday! i saw delancey pics on your flickr page – is that where you went for your birthday dinner?!?!